Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Essay Mayhem and Inspirations Needed

Hello Everyone,
So more than a week has gone by, and I’m sitting here writing a post. Basically, this week has been dedicated to my university assignments, which I can gladly say is finished! Now I can focus on my novel (I’ll speak about that later)…yes I will focus on that story…ok fine, what is it guys? What do you need?
Seriously, why do I do this to myself, I torment myself over helping others that I don’t concentrate on the one thing I want to concentrate on…It’s not their fault (don’t worry, if you’re one of the guys I’ve helped, I’m not blaming you) it’s mine. I CAN’T HELP IT!!!! I want to…no have to…help people! It’s built into my nature! Even now, I’m helping my friends as I’m writing this.
First it was simply discussing the content of the essay, now I’m proofreading for one of them…I got a B in my English GCSE (Exam board for those of you who aren’t from the UK)…so…why are you depending on me? Of course, it doesn’t matter, because I’m pretty much game for anything.

Ugh…oh the problems of an introvert…Anyway, so back to what I was saying…Inspiration…yes, I am running out of steam people! I mean I had the steam, but then I lost it when I finished the last chapter…now I’m on chapter 8 and I have nothing for it! I hate filler chapters, there’s pretty much nothing you can write for it! Of course, I have written notes as a guideline, but I highly doubt I’m actually going to use them. Oh well, we’ll have to see what happens…I will be updating you when I reach chapter 9, but that’s probably going to take a while, because…again…I will be procrastinating, since I have another post I want to write and I will probably write that, just to put off writing the novel. I need to stop procrastinating.
So a little bit more hints as to what I’m writing: well, I’ve changed the prologue somewhat, because the previous one was not that great, and to be honest, the entire story needed a revamp. Oh! I’ve decided, I’ll be adding snippets of the story here…not major snippets, but little bits of the story just to show you how this story is going to look like. So here’s the first one:

Unbeknownst to her, a celestial figure stepped behind her, watching her intently. Her bare feet peeked out from the lavender stars of her gown, and raven locks billowed in unseen winds. Feeling a presence behind her, the woman turned to face the figure, both in awe and in fear. The gentle rainbow eyes held a life aeons.
“You are certain?” her voice was as smooth as silk, and yet whispered through the woman’s soul. A single nod was her only reply, as she held out the baby.

This little snippet is from the prologue. If you want to be a reviewer, drop me a comment, and let me know if you’d like to read a fantasy novel, that will need a few tweaks. Oh and one more thing: if you want to know what the story is about, head over to my blogger, the summary is there (Buckle Down And Work)…although I will make a better one, once I’ve finished the last draft.
So that’s it for now. Time to return to procrastinating, and helping my friends. As always, do with this post what you will, and I’ll see you soon. God Bless!

Monday, 16 March 2015

Why Can't Anyone Sit Still Anymore?

Hello everyone,

So today I'll be talking about films, like I should. However, I warn you, it's not the usual film review and whatnots. I'm talking about film screenings in school or university. You see, as a film student you get the "occasional" film screening, if it's anything to do with the subjects we're learning about. Now, you'd expect that by now, being in university, students would be clever enough to stay still, and watch, take notes and whatever it is we do in screenings...
You get where I'm getting at right? WHY CAN'T PEOPLE SIT STILL! I get it right now I'm not...I'm writing this post, because we're screening The Thin Blue Line (1988), and admittedly, I didn't prepare for this lecture/seminar/screening, but most of the time I do take pages of notes, as I'm watching. However it's a chore having to do so, because of the noise that surrounds me!

I've had to endure long hours of whisperings, jolting of my seats because people constantly have to move! Ok yes, we're studying a production degree, which is a practical degree, but we have a theoretical aspect to it - the academic module - where you MUST sit still, listen, watch and participate when we do discuss the film. I guess it's about how people learn in the end. Some like using their hands, others like to sit still and listen. Me? I've yet to establish mine. I can do a bit of both, and you can tell if you've been to any of my seminars, I'm usually the one talking with the lecturer, I'm the one that takes the notes during the screening, and I'm the one that has to pretty much grate on my classmates' nerves by going "sshh" during the screening.
I think, maybe it's time we had a technology boycott. In my week away from Facebook, I realised, I managed to sit still for a little while without being distracted. In fact, now that I'm able to return to Facebook, I miss those little moments. They were like breaths of fresh air. I felt calmer, I felt more at peace, I felt like I was closer to God. I think it's time I took a page out of the book I'm reading, Rediscovering Catholicism by Matthew Kelly (2002), I need to take some time in that Classroom of Silence, and basically reconnect with my soul. Perhaps you should too. I'll give you a quote, it best explains why:

"If I asked you to go out and find some suitable candidate to be prophets and leaders in the modern world, where would you look? Would you ask yourself, where can I find myself some shepherds? The most common profession amongst the prophets and leaders of the Old Testament was shepherding. Why do you suppose God called so many shepherds to occupy positions of authority and influence? Perhaps it was because they were out in the middle of God's cosmic temple all day, and in the middle of God's cosmic Classroom of Silence they had plenty of time to think, reflect, ponder and listen to the voice of God in their lives."

That's it for now, this is FeatherCharm, signing off. As always, do with this post what you will, and I'll see you soon. God Bless!

Sunday, 15 March 2015

A Move Or Transfer

Hello Everyone,

Ok so as a few (a rare few - you know who you are ;) - and the one who's been +1 my posts) of you already know that I'm moving to WordPress, but that doesn't mean I'll be neglecting Blogger. In fact, I'm stretching my posts over these blogs.

Basically, Blogger is purely the posts, so all my random ramblings and complaints, and daily blahs, will be up here. As for other stuff, like reviews, reflections, etc that will be on my WordPress blog, which I can say is up and running. All it's waiting for is some inspiration for posts and whatnots (which I will be making drafts in Word Document, rather than just random uploading stuff).

So if you like, here is my WordPress version:

Updates Abducted Whatnots

Anyway, that's it from me. Have fun exploring. ^^

Great Highs and Deep Lows

Hello Everyone,'s Sunday, I should be going to church in an hour and a half, but because of this pounding headache, I can't. I won't be able to concentrate nor will I be able to actually appreciate the sanctity of Mass because I'll probably be worrying about this headache. Trust me, it's not an ordinary headache. It's actually bordering on a migraine...which I do get quite often. Of course, you're probably wondering why I'm on my laptop writing this, rather than napping it off...I tried to, but sleep eludes me, so I have to do something, otherwise I'll be bored and you know as they say:

Idle hands make for the devil's work

So yes I'm just trying to bide my time, while my head is playing up. Thankfully my brain functions aren't impaired by that much (I can think...but not too much, my head will start pounding if I do), that's why I'm writing this post.

Now, time to record what happened yesterday, so I don't forget for one of my assignments (for university). First, you all remember received a call on Wednesday, offering me a job prospect...well, so far it's going well. I won't say much, otherwise I'm giving it away, but all I can say is that I may be starting this Wednesday afternoon filming this project! The reason why I say may, is because they weren't quite clear on whether or not I'm starting this week. They said I could start as soon as I can, and well...that's this week, but I'm not quite sure I'll be ready for it. Oh well, we'll just have to see when the time comes. No use worrying about it.

Plus if I worry, my head will pound again...that's why I'm on a "deep low" at the moment. Yes it is because of my head that I'm currently suffering. As you all know, gave up Facebook for a week, and now I'm back...honestly? I don't really feel different. I mean, when I didn't use Facebook, I felt fine. I actually felt better, I didn't need Facebook, and actually I was quite reluctant to return. You see, without Facebook, I kinda felt a lot better, although a bit cut off. I think it's because, I keep seeing "relationship" posts on Facebook, not just on my friends' profiles but also as articles I would apparently "love to read". I actually miss the time I didn't use it. However, I know I will have to use it, for university assignments, and whatnots - eh ;) - so I'll have to wait until the time I don't have to use it at all. I'll be glad when I can give it up for lent (I can't give it up next year, because again I'll need it for university assignments), because it'll build me up as a person. I felt closer to the past week. I actually strived to live with him, but now because of Facebook I'll be distracted from him. Of course I'll try my best to ignore Facebook, every now and then, and solely focus on God, but it will be a challenge. One I will be glad to take up.

Anyway, that's pretty much it. Hopefully this headache goes away tomorrow - I have lectures in the morning. So I'm going to lie down again, trying to get rid of this stupid thing, and watching a documentary about Tutankhamen called Ultimate Tutankhamen

As always, do with this post what you will, and I'll see you next time. God Bless. ^^

(Yes new signature I like this one!)

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Exhausting Weeks and Potential Opportunities

Hello Everyone,

New format for this blog! yes, I'll start off with a "Hello Everyone" and basically make this a letter. So what's this post about? Well, I can tell you It's been an exhausting one, because I've taken up my old exercise habits. Not only that, I've had to wake up at 7am (which is quite early for me), nearly everyday. This is because my work had to reschedule my usual day, for this week to Tuesday (it's usually on a Friday).

So yes I'm actually exhausted from waking early and exercising, so I've not had much progress on my book. Although I can say I'm currently on Chapter 7 and I've found a new reviewer:

Please welcome our new Host: Chloe!

However, I'm going to have to wait until next Monday to be able to read her comments and ideas on developments. Remember? I've given up Facebook for this week? So...I was saying, I'm currently working on Chapter 7 for the third draft, and I've pretty much changed the course of the story, and I'm actually proof reading before I continue. (Thank you Ate! - a filipino endearment)

Ok, so the next part of the title "Potential Opportunities", I'm not going to say much, until I actually know if it's not just an idea. Basically I got a call today about a potential job opportunity, which can fill for my work experience module, and not just rely on Extraordinaire Digital Media (my current work experience). So I had a shoot last Friday, organised by my cousin's friend, and I gave my contact details to her employer, to be able to contact me if any opportunities arise, and it paid of! I didn't think it would be this early! I had suspected it would have taken a month or so to remember I even gave it to him. But I'm not complaining! I'm so happy, I really can't contain my excitement (as you can tell by the amount of exclamation marks in this paragraph)

Anyway, so that's it...for now. My mind is going blank, and it took quite an effort to write this, because I am that tired.

Now I leave you with another quote, this time from the world's most famous playwright, Shakespeare:

"I am above thee, but be not afraid of greatness. Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon 'em. Thy Fates open their hands. Let thy blood and spirit embrace them." - Twelfth Night

As always do with this post what you will. God Bless. ^^

Yes this is my new signature - It still needs work, but until I get the courage to use the slow computer and Photoshop, it's going to have to stay.

Monday, 9 March 2015

Fighting Temptation and Learning From Sacrifice

Hi guys, so this week, I'm going to not be on Facebook (for leisure). This is purely so I can learn to not be dependent on social media, especially Facebook. I turn to it too much and I need to stop. Hopefully after this I can learn to do without my games. The reason for this "sacrifice" is so I can understand the true meaning of Lent.

It's been a while since I've had a religious experience. The last I remember was back in 2012/2013. I miss them, and although they may not return to me, I feel like, if I try to keep the hope alive, I'll be able to experience something similar. I've been inspired recently, to return to the roots of my faith, and I realise, it's easier than I thought it would be. Yes I do have that temptation to not try at all, but in the book I'm reading, Rediscovering Catholicism, by Matthew Kelly (2002), I've realised one thing. If I want to get something done, I have to be disciplined, and keep going. You see, this book has inspired me in the past, and admittedly it's what got me through my GCSE RE (Religious Education) exam, and it's inspiring me again. I want to return to my faith. I've seen what it's like when I don't live with it, and simply say I do.

Last year was the darkest of my life, perhaps not in terms of the things I've done, but in my emotions. I had been at my lowest more times than I had been in the past, and I really don't want that again. What was my lowest? Well, remember my depressed posts? That was an example of one. During the summer I'd been through something similar, and it was not the greatest summer, despite the fact I'd been to Cancun and Florida. This is why I cannot stop trying to return to my roots. If I remember my belief, and remind myself why I'm Catholic, I will always remember the beauty I saw in the world that I live.

Yes, I know there are many of you who don't care, and who won't care. So my question to you, why are you reading this? If you don't like what I say, don't read on. If you don't agree, I understand, but don't try to convince me. Do I look like I'm forcing my convictions on you? No, I'm only telling you what I believe in.

I know that the efficacy of telling is low, which is why I will try to show you. Perhaps not on here, but maybe in my life. There may be some of you who actually know me and read this, and thus I will show you with my life, I know in the past I have made mistakes, but I will try my best to learn from the. As for those who don't know me, I will try my best to show you, here. Sometimes quotes from the book, or the bible, or other sorts of media that I find, with a meaningful quote. Other times, with stories of my own, and much of the time with updates on my novel.

My novel is not exactly based on my faith, in fact it's more politically and socially aware than religiously, but that's what I'll start with. However, I hope that one day my readers will see my belief embedded into it. I will not say my religion will be present, because religion is the wrong word. This word: religion, it repels many of you. I know, it's because it used to repel me. So instead, I will say belief, lifestyle, because this is much easier to chew than religion.

So let's start off this week with the quote that will be my mantra for the coming week:

"There are four major aspects of the human person - physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual. When we eat well, exercise often, and sleep regularly, we feel more fully alive physically. When we love, when we give priority to the significant relationships of our lives, when we give of ourselves to help others in their journey, we feel more fully alive emotionally. When we study, we feel more alive intellectually. When we come before god in prayer, openly and honestly, we experience life more fully spiritually. All of these life-giving endeavours require discipline. When we are most fully alive? When we embrace a life of discipline. The human person thrives on discipline." - Matthew Kelly (2002)

Saturday, 7 March 2015

A Little Bit Of Philosophy

So, update time. I'm currently watching The Lord of the Rings (the first two movies, since the last will be aired late tonight), and reading a book I had won in a raffle, a few years ago. It's called Rediscovering Catholicism, by Matthew Kelly (2002). As I'm watching, and typing this, it has come to my attention that these things have given me inspiration to write! Remember, Tolkien, the original author of the books, was a Catholic, and a philosophical thinker, and this faith has grabbed the attention of the world. I hope to do that, even though I know it will be a very hard thing to do.

I hope with my stories, the world can be seen in different eyes. You see, whilst my story is fantasy, and while it doesn't point directly back to God or the Christian faith, I hope that if you read my story, and find inspiration to believe in God, or whatever higher power best suits you. I know it's not something you'll all agree with, especially those who are rather cynical atheists, but I know that it's not something I can force you to do. I'm not going to argue a point, because it would be useless against your will. However, know this, it is useless to force attention upon someone who does not wish it. It is useless to force your belief on others. Yes argue your point, debate your belief, but do not force someone to convert. It was what destroyed cultures of the past, it is what is currently destroying relationships between people. It is what is destroying today's culture and society. Think of the uprisings today, some are peaceful protests that ask for freedom of those oppressed, but others, many others, are of greed and fuelled by an anger that should never have walked this Earth.

Ok, so that's a bit philosophical, but it is my need for balance that spurns me to write it. As for my story, I have begun to write again, and the draft will be going slowly, but hopefully I can bring it here by the end of this summer.

I know it's short, and I know it can be argued against but this is my belief. So as always, do what you will with this post, and I'll see you next time. God Bless ^^

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Working Depresses Me

Sitting here, in a university classroom, listening to the same mumbling lecturer has led me to do this. The stuff that we're listening to is pretty much depressing. It's either "freelance" or "run your own production company". Either way, he's pretty much saying, "Whatever you do, you're screwed!" So basically I'm taking up a degree for no apparent reason anymore. This is just dandy!

At least I'm not going into full out production or pre-production work. My chosen aspect of the film industry is somewhere along the line of distribution or promotion...basically I'd like to acquire films, and I'd like to be the one to get exhibitors (i.e. cinemas) to "exhibit" them. So a showreel would just be an extra of things...I guess. I will make a showreel, don't get me wrong, but I think I just need some time to improve it.

So what now? Well, usually being the vocal one in the lecture/seminar/workshop, I am now the one not paying attention, which is not very good nonetheless. It's because I'm already intimidated by those around me. There are those who will have more success than me. THEY'VE HAD MORE EXPERIENCE!!! I feel like a small fish in a big wait...the ocean! It's not fair! (As my favourite protagonist keeps my favourite film)

Yep...I'm definitely not really interested in this...because it's all production, and nothing about distribution...I know I should really be piping up and asking...but I'm really not bothered! I did try to keep interested but it's hard! Of course, there are a few things that I am interested in, but they're few and far between!

I guess I'm more interested in multimedia...which I should have done, but it required maths...good maths GCSEs and A-Levels! But it's not bad...I mean I do love film, and TV Studio Production was pretty much one of my favourite (if not my favourite) modules, but I don't think my place is behind a camera...maybe far behind in the office, or at my home writing reviews, or something...

Anyway, that's it for now, so yeah...I know it's stinted, but it's because I'm still in a seminar...