Saturday, 21 September 2013

New Perspectives and Attitudes

Well, this isn't really a rant but I do know that things are looking up. Commencing this September I will be beginning my degree course in Film Production. Such an exciting thing to be happening to me. Just a few weeks ago I was fretting about exam results for my A Levels, now I'm casually talking to strangers on my course as if they were my friends from Primary School.

It truly is exciting. I have never thought in my life I would ever reach this point. I had to re-take my first year of A Levels, and I believed that I would remain in my Secondary School for the rest of my life, now I'm printing out the timetable I have for the coming semester.

Truly it is mind-boggling. I just hope I can survive. There are times where I fret about the tiniest things, but that's life really.

For now life is good, I believe that anything can happen, like, as others say, I will find my life partner here. Of course he has to be Catholic, so that I can share my beliefs, but that will all come in due time.

Tis something short but I just had to share my feelings. As always, do with this post as you will. God Bless! ^^
A very first look of my life. This photo was taken of me, my sister and my cousins. Guess which one is me...