Thursday, 24 October 2013

Musical Fillings and Assignment Procrastination

Well hello there, this is your blogger speaking...Yeah, no, can't pull it off. So I know it's been a while, but really there's nothing to speak about...well technically that's not true, you see at the beginning of this week I was a bit melancholic, but I think I'm over it, even though it's still at the back of my mind, as it always is, although I am trying to get rid of it...actually I don't think it will ever go away, unless whatever I'm melancholic about happens, which I don't think will in the near future...

Well you know what I'll just say what it is...I was melancholic about the fact that I was single, yes I'm single, and no I have never gone out on a proper date before. But for the moment let's just ignore that, because I don't really want anyone whom I don't know to ask me out, and frankly getting to know someone online, for me, is quite don't really know them...Anyway, the reason why I'm feeling melancholic is because I've recently been reading Labyrinth fan-fictions, yes, fan-fictions...and whilst I tell myself I may be fine with the people I hang out with, truth be told, I really want that mercurial Goblin King...yes I prefer the villain to what most boys are like know the type who think that swag is cool, or keeping their pants low because it shows their butt crack, or boys who use slang to speak...I'm not that kind of woman...I prefer the sophisticated type, you know...the type who knows what they want, and will not give up until they have it, but also think about my feelings...

So yes that's what I was melancholic about, but it's been pushed to the back of my mind, because if I continue to think like that I will just burn myself out and lose all hope in all mankind because no one is like my ideal, so I will just be concentrating on my studies for now...

Which reminds me, this title has nothing to do with the first part of this post...well...this I will tell you the meaning of it now...First the musical part...Recently I watched the 25th Anniversary concert for Les Miserables, and OH MY GOD!!!!! I completely forgot that it was this concert that made me fall in love with Les Mis even more...I mean sure the movie was great and everything, despite the singing, but I really love listening to the singing rather than watch the acting...I am a vocal person after all, so watching the concert reminded me that the music is what I fell in love with, for this musical...and of course I realised...when I first watched it, why Les Mis will be known as an all time classic in terms of musicals...I bet one day it will have a status similar to the Charles Dickens novel, A Christmas Carol, or even Shakespeare! Oh how I love Les Mis!!!! So yes now I've been singing music from Les Miserables all around the house everyday...So sue me! I love it!

Now for the assignment part...that part is pretty explanatory, I have been putting of doing my assignments for a while, because I didn't have enough material for it, and I'm still putting some of it off...Well to be fair, I need an example of the work to be able to work the assignment, so I really don't know what I'm doing. Hopefully soon I'll be getting a sample, but for now, the only assignment I've done is the one that's due in on the 8th week of this semester, and I still have yet to do my actual video production assignment...that one is to create a video based on a Joke...I really want to do my joke, hopefully we do, because to be's really easy, there's nothing too complicated about it.

Anyway, as always, do with this post what you will, and I'll see you next time...God Bless! ^^
I think this image shows my mood perfectly, I found it on DeviantArt, it's a cool website for graphics and pictures if you ever need any, they're some really fantastic artwork there. I suggest you visit the website.

Friday, 11 October 2013

Clicker Obsessions and Computer Testings

Today is Friday!!! HALLELUJAH!!! No lectures, seminars or workshops tomorrow!!! I plan on making my weekends free as possible, so today is going to be a busy one...

First off, today I had the pitch to do, the one I was working on yesterday, I'm glad that's over and done with. Granted I had a slight criticism, with the use of PowerPoint and my budgeting criteria, but I did research, and I did the best I could. But overall everyone thought it went well...yay...-_-...But in the end, everyone...was pretty much...obsessed with my clicker...Yes I mean clicker, not my heart, a clicker. You know the thing you use to control presentations without having to look at them and just continue talking...yes that clicker. Anyway, I introduced it because I wanted to test it out, and well, it worked, for most of us, who had PowerPoint presentations.

It became the talk of the lesson when we had finished, all I could hear was "I'm getting me one of those..." and so forth and forthwith...I really don't know if that's the correct way to use that word, but I have and am using it...

Anyway, the seminar went smoothly after that, talking about how box office revenues pays off the entire process of film making, i.e. how it pays off the budget, and how much is left for the producer...yeah... I don't really care, I just want to be in post-production, thank you very much, goodbye and goodnight...

Secondly I just finished my storyboard for my next pitch on Tuesday, and now I have to work on the actual pitch...yeah, yeah, nothing to complain about, but still...HOW THE HELL DO I WRITE A PITCH!!! I mean this one was done using PowerPoint! Is it not the same? Not to mention, I DON'T EVEN HAVE FREAKING MICROSOFT WORKS ON MY MACBOOK!!! My dad has not even bothered to look up his discounts, and if he can get one, I have to bloody wait for probably a month before he even considers it! So now I have to sign off my macbook, turn the bloody shit that I call a computer on, and wait for it to take an entire lifetime to load up Microsoft Word...UGH!!! Today is not only busy, but also annoying and irritating. So forgive me for not putting up a better picture at the end of this post.

So as always, do with it what you will, and I will be seeing you later. God Bless! ^^

I got this off the internet, it's not mine. I just wanted to share my misery to the world, the fact I couldn't even play my precious piano today... TT_TT

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Film Pitches, Red Noses and Yoga Poses

Well hello there! It's been a while, I know, it's just I've been quite busy recently. I started my university course, about 2/3 weeks ago and it's been one hell of a ride. I'm not joking. When we started I told myself to look up everything I needed to know. Well, I did, and was confused at first. We have assignments due for the 6th/7th/8th week of teaching, and I was confused as to how to start them. Seriously! What do I do! But I spoke to some of the other students and my confusion has been satisfied. So now I'm like, I'll start them soon, because we haven't had much materials in order to start them. So perhaps this weekend I'll start writing.

Anyway, so far we've had "homework" to do, both of them are pitches, and well a little bit of reading. OMG!!! PITCHES!!! Granted I can speak in front of people, but when I hear "Pitches" I get really nervous. That's why I'll be using flash cards, thank you very much. Thing is, I don't want to be a producer, I just want to be an editor or a cinematographer, or even director (if possible, I really need to grow a backbone first, before I start ordering people about) because I don't want to come up with the ideas, I just want to be a part of shooting or post-production. Budgeting is not my strong point, and to be honest, I don't like research, but I know I have to. So I just have to "grin and bear it". Right?

So now the "Film Pitches" part of the title's done, it's time for "Red Noses". The reason I say "Red Noses" is the fact that for the last two weeks I've been ill. How? Well I had direct contact with a person that was ill, in one of my lectures, but to my logic, defying any biological lessons I took in A Levels, I blamed it on the alcohol I had on a Thursday night, on which I went out, with my cousins, to attend a comedy night. Of course that's my logic, I blamed it all on the alcohol.

Now for the fun part the "Yoga Poses"! Well I had a yoga class yesterday, it was my first and I loved it! Seriously, after it finished, I couldn't move, not because my limbs ached, but because I was so relaxed I just wanted to sleep! That was an awesome lessons. And I finally know now how to breathe throughout a routine. For those of you young people, and older (if you are still flexible enough), I do recommend practicing yoga, it isn't hard, well if you do it correctly, and if you have someone to teach you properly. It's really good and it does help you, in so many ways, such as:
1. Strengthening your muscles (WITHOUT HAVING TO SWEAT IT OUT!)
2. Relaxing you (if need be, you know, after a long stressful day, just a small routine)
3. Keeping your flexibility and balance (seriously, some of the poses require a lot of concentration and balance)

Now, all that is said and done, I bid you farewell. And until the next time we meet, be good, and as always, do with this post what you will. God Bless!! ^^

This is one of the many photos taken on a holiday to Japan. I like this photo, it boasts nature.

Friday, 4 October 2013

Filming and Drawing Extravaganza

Well, I did promise a new post every time I can make one, so here's one. Have I told you yet? I am already in university! First year taking a BA (hons) Film Production at University of West London! Oh yeah! The very university I wanted to go to in the first place. Now let's see, what modules I'm taking...There's:

1. The Moving Image - Theory
2. Contemporary Industry Practice - Theory and workshops (I'll explain later)
3. Digital Video Production - Practical

These are my modules so far, next term would be something different. I can't remember what they are though...


So recently one of my lecturers told us to acquire a notebook to add our own ideas when we get them, so just randomly write down a screen title or actually write down a concept, or even draw some storyboards, of course you don't have to draw, you can photograph the storyboards. But anyway, I took his advice and purchased a sketch book, because they're better quality paper, and decided to start this ideas thing. And so far I have drawn some things in the note book, like the train seat in front of me during my journey to the university, my ring at a frontal view, and a rose (actually as I'm writing this post, I'm drawing the rose.

And I have to admit, it was a great idea to do this kind of thing, my creative juices are really flowing.

So you guys want to know what the modules are?

Well, The Moving Image is analyzing films and the techniques that are used to make them what they are and how good they are in terms of these techniques. Contemporary Industry Practice is basically how a movie is made, so from development to exhibition, it's actually quite interesting and my first exercise for the term is to create a pitch, that could potentially be a summer blockbuster. It's really quite interesting. It's due next week. so I better get started on it soon...Finally Digital Video Production is my favorite module...WE ACTUALLY CAN WORK WITH CAMERAS!!! You don't know how excited I am to be working with them, and my first "homework" is to create a pitch, script and storyboard for my first assignment. It's meant to be based on a joke that has a story in it, i.e. beginning, middle and end. OMG! THIS IS GOING TO BE AWESOME!!!! I hope they do my idea, because I have such details fixed for it, and I would be so mad if we don't do it!!!! ><

That's pretty much it for now. I may upload a few posts after this, with pictures of my drawings, they're not that good. I'm still a beginner, so don't criticize me harshly, I'm not showcasing that much art.

So as always please do with this post what you will. God Bless! ^^