Friday, 28 June 2013

Delayed Postings and Knitting Mayhem

Ok, so I'm really sorry guys, things have been, well not quite hectic but they have been busy. I've recently given in my beloved iPad, back to school, and I no longer go to school...Now I'm pretty

I know it's something to be happy about, but lately that freedom has become somewhat busy...and I don't mean by sitting around doing nothing all day, you see, when I finished with all my exams and whatnots, I took up crochet and cross-stitch again, and that has been taking up my time. I would have posted sooner, but that delayed me.

I am also quite late in finishing the next chapter in the story on my other blog, I've laid out the foundations of it, and I do know what I want to write, but it just seems like right now I actually have no time for the computer. Literally! So for now please put up with the fact that I am not writing very much on this blog, but I promise when all my projects are done I will get back to writing.

These projects are not so easy to finish, see, I'm crocheting a present for my mum on her birthday this year, and a cardigan for myself. I'm also cross-stitching a piece for my mum, because she's been nagging for the past three years for me to finish it. The only reason it took three years is because of my A-levels, so now I have to finish it. Not only that I also have to find work, suggested by my mum, although, we are going on holiday in the next two months, I'm not sure if they're really going to let me get one. But oh well. At least I tried.

Anyway, sorry it's short and not very in your face, but I seriously need to get back to "work" so like always, do with this post as you will, and God bless. ^^