Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Spanish Time!!

Hola todos! Hello everyone! I am truly sorry for not updating sooner...I have been busy with trips lately and well...these trips have been taking its toll on me, meaning they make me tired to no end. Anyway, as an update, I've recently been watching a Spanish drama called Isabel, and I must say it is very interesting. The series is loosely based on the struggle Queen Isabel de Castille had to suffer to become queen. The first series focuses on the beginning of her struggle, when she was forced into the Court of her King, her brother Enrique (Henry in English).

Anyway, it is a very interesting series. If you don't know how to speak or hear Spanish, I suggest watching it with subtitles, other than that. Enjoy! Trust me, after a week of watching it, I am really getting into speaking Spanish, however I am a bit nervous when it comes to speaking with my Spanish know they can look down on you.

Oh well, qué sera, sera (what will be, will be). Sorry it's such a short post. I'm on the bus and I prefer not letting my phone out for longer than necessary. So as always, do with this post what you will...So please enjoy this image below. God bless.

From continuous studying, the obssession begins.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

No Ranting Today...

Hi. I know many of you are probably wondering, she hasn't posted any rants in a while...yeah well I don't have any at all at the, here's another prayer card for you. It's the prayer for when you're lighting a candle in church, which I have yet to learn...Enjoy. ^^

As always, do with it what you will, and God bless. ^^

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Sorry for the Rants

Hi, OK, so you may be annoyed with the whole, two-in-a-row rant thing, so here's something to lift the spirit, It's a picture I found on the internet, and since it's autumn, I thought it best to use it. Once I had wanted to use it as a background for my first blog, but it didn't fit the criteria, so I'm using it as a normal picture here. So like with it what you will...

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Another Day, Another Rant

Have you ever been compared to another person by your parents? Most probably you have...I certainly have, countless of times, by my parents, TO MY SISTER! Who might I add is younger than me. You see, we both have different personalities, and with these personalities, do different things...SO WHY DO THEY KEEP COMPARING ME WITH HER JUST BECAUSE SHE DOES THINGS DIFFERENTLY FROM ME!

We both have different ways in which we study, she likes to study non-stop, while I like to do the same, sporadically, which may well be a very bad way, to study, but it works. I don't burn out, unlike her, where she will eventually exhaust herself, and worry to no end about her exams. I on the other hand, will be less worried, because of the fact that I know what I'm doing. Honestly, my parents do not understand this. They want me to be my sister, in that respect. Well, I can't be!

This fact is known everywhere, you cannot be your sibling, you cannot be someone else! That is because there is no one like you! Isn't it said that God made us unique, God made us his children, and loves us the way we are...WHY CAN'T THEY UNDERSTAND THAT I'M THE WAY I AM AND I'M HAPPY! Why do the constantly bombard me with the ever present "Why can't you be more like her?" or "They are doing this because they studied hard." - the last quote implying that I should be like that person. Hasn't it ever occurred to them that maybe I didn't work like that person, or my mind works differently from them!

This constant comparison, completely contrasts their beliefs...we are Catholic...

I think it's just human nature, to want better, but this "better-ness" is not through materialistic things, or success in that way! It's through the love and knowledge of God, we have our own potential that only we can unlock, but only given the chance to. NOT THROUGH COMPARISON! For example, I have been given ample opportunities to further my skills in music, and or other subjects, and I have taken them, improving my knowledge, and in effect improving me. BUT THEY DON'T SEE THAT!!!!!

Sometimes I wish they wouldn't do this to me! It's always frustrating when someone compares you. This I have learned leads to making you compare yourself to me, my mentality has changed because of this constant comparison. They tell me to stop comparing myself to others, but this is because THEY COMPARE ME!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH HOW I AM!

You know what...I'm just going to carry on like this if I continue writing, and I know this constant ranting will get me nowhere, so I'll just do my homework now, and try to forget it with some music.

So like always, do with this rant what you will...

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Angered Spanish Lessons

I understand the necessity of proper grammar and whether or not it is correct to say a certain word...BUT THE FACT THAT SOMEONE HAS THE GALL TO BLAME ME FOR SOMETHING THAT I DID NOT DO IS OUT OF THE QUESTION! I was simply defending a certain exam board because I understand where they're coming from.

To simply put it, a student didn't understand what, or more specifically why, a word had a meaning that was completely different from its literal translation. To be specific "desplazarse" meant (according to the exam board) "to move". I understand his reason, as well as the book.

No here's where things got me wound up, I tried explaining that different words could mean the same thing, and yes I understand he's a native speaker, but I put this in terms of English. He wouldn't let me finish. I was going to explain to him that there are articles in English with these sorts of word plays, this is only because they are using a sophisticated sort of English, but he didn't even consider this...

So what was I supposed to do...yes I could try again, but that would be pointless, because as expressed today, he was I let it be...AND SILENTLY FUMED...Perhaps the next time I see him, I could just completely ignore him...

That seems like a simple thing to do, but that idea may die down, since being a sanguine my grudges don't hold very long...

We shall see...

So as per usual, make of this rant what you will...

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

A Weird Mood Swing

OK, so today we had a PSHE class (Personal, Social and Health Education & Citizenship - not really counted) and we had a person who came in and talked about universities abroad, in the EU (By the way...THEY ARE FREE!!!! URGH! IF ONLY I FOUND THIS OUT SOONER!!!), and her research on our school, and the system in itself. Anyway, that's not what I'm going on about this time, but it was the strange mood swing that I experienced afterward.

After the talk, I needed to use the restroom, so I went. When I came out of the bathroom, and back into the Common Room (where everyone was) and sat down, I suddenly felt depressed and angry, for no apparent reason, and I felt like everyone around me should die...Was that normal? I guess it could be after all my "Women's Problems" started today, but I don't usually have these really bad mood swings...They usually change slowly, not this fast...should I be worried?

Well one thing's for sure, I feel a lot better now. So don't worry, I'm not ranting. I just wanted to get this off my chest. Anyway, I just had my first House Official meeting today, and apparently I may or may not keep my job, if the teachers want it...Hopefully I get to stay because I've already included it in my personal statement and I don't want to have to delete what I've written and start again!!!! ><...But yes, it's official for now at least, and it has been decided I will be part of the "Hair and Nails" stall at my school's Charity Day event...Looking forward to it!! I will be in charge of nails, because of my newly acquired "Nail Stamp" set I bought while in the USA, which I LOVE! I will also be using patterns that have been inspired by the internet, and DIY nails from tutorial videos that I am so inspired by. So we'll see how that goes...

For now, here's an inspiring photo I took whilst on a photography course this summer (AND YES I DID TAKE IT! I DID NOT EDIT OR PHOTOSHOP SOMEONE ELSE'S!!!!!):

And as always...Make of it what you will...^^

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Uplifting Thought for the Day

After another rant I thought it best to have an uplifting thought for the day...

"Don't let others dictate who you are, that is only their perception. You are treated to be their equal, no one is bigger than you, rather they are afraid of you, as much as you are of them. So don't let the judgement of others  Be who you are, let your actions speak for you."


Have a good day...^^

Another Day At School

Just popping in to say hi. I am currently in my school's library, and have finished my homework, due in this was just the last question in a question pack that my teacher gave me and an activity sheet that accompanied the topic we're learning about...and yes I know I should have done it before today, so I can study more today...but seriously...this is a similar layout to friday, albeit that I only have three hours, instead of five...but still, you don't expect me to continuously study.

Anyway, since I have finished what was necessary, I can now go onto correcting a certain "personal statement" that I need to finish, before the end of term, so I can send off my "UCAS Application"...I feel very drained in this process. Seriously, why can't my personal statement be ok for the universities to like!!! I mean, I did the best I can, and I don't know how to improve!!! BECAUSE I AM OVER THE CHARACTER LIMIT!!!!!! UCAS tells us, 4000 characters (WITH SPACES) is enough to write a personal statement...IT IS NOT!!!!! Not when you have had loads of experiences, and need to get it all down, including WHAT you learned, DID you enjoy it, WHY did you you enjoy it, and WHAT you would like to do in the future, because of it. SERIOUSLY I'd be over the limit by like 1 000 000 words, if I could add every detail of my experiences...which is quite contradictory in terms of what the teachers (I've been going up to) say...They say include details of the experiences you had...but don't overdo the limit...HOW THE HELL DO I DO THAT!!! IT WILL TAKE A FULL DISSERTATION TO TALK ABOUT MY EXPERIENCES!!!!!!

You know what...I will just forget about it, hopefully what I've just recently sent, is good enough for them...hopefully...not gonna happen...anyway...

So, today I have biology, and I think we'll be learning about the transfer of energy through ecosystems...I've read ahead...yay me *pats back* I want to know about energy levels...this is why I dropped PHYSICS, and failed it in my first try of AS Levels...It just DIDN'T WORK FOR ME!!!! WHAT DO THEY EXPECT ME TO UNDERSTAND!!!!! I give up...Not only is this school eccentric in terms of their teaching staff, but their syllabi as well! I mean it's all good and well, if they're trying to get people in who can teach, and understand the students. Fair enough, the teaching staff do know me, and they are friendly, but when it comes to actually teaching a large group...forget about it...they don't even control the I previously went on about with my last rant...

So now, I'm just hoping to get some revision notes done, so that I don't have to worry about my coming exams...NO PROBLEM!!! As well as get to the final part of my personal statement, which won't happen, with all the criticism I'm getting so far! No pressure at all...

Oh and my contacts are giving me hell...seriously, stop rubbing!!! I've had experiences with you that I really was bothered by, I don't want to upset my balance today, so stop hurting!!!! ><

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Uplift the Spirit

Well...Since my rant from yesterday had pretty much drained me, I thought perhaps to enlighten the spirit today with a prayer card I made. Of course I used already published pictures and the most famous prayer in the Catholic Church, so I have to say, that these images are not mine, and that I don't own them in anyway, I just wanted to make a pretty prayer card. Also the prayer is in Spanish, so if you don't know what prayer it is, it's the Our Father. So do with it what you will, and many blessings for the day. ^^

Friday, 5 October 2012

A Full Day of Studying...

Studying the same subject for five hours, FIVE HOURS, will probably make you go insane. And yes this is what has happened to me...well figuratively...You see, my school - turned college - has enforced this new rule, that ALL Sixth Formers (If you don't know what that is, it's a term we use in England, to describe those who are taking a certain type of exam, namely A Levels, which may or may not be due for a change, if the government decide to return to O Levels) must come into school everyday, during their free periods, and remain in a room where you will be supervised to study. That means that the time I could be sleeping in bed, catching my necessary 7/8 hours of sleep, I must spend wasting away in a room full of noisy, if not LOUD, students, who I don't know. And to top it off, I had a whole day, which I could have dedicated to myself, and relax a bit, spent up in this same room, for FIVE WHOLE HOURS. That day was today, and every Friday since the beginning of the academic year, which was in September.

Now I know I may be exaggerating a bit, and yes I will only have a few more weeks to go, since this rule ends after the Half Term, but I've learned with this experience that these "study sessions" will get me nowhere, since I still will have the urge to procrastinate, and not do any studying whatsoever, during this time. I know what you're thinking, "but you just said that you spent five hours studying today, surely you haven't gone insane?" Well yes, and no. You see, during the day we have two breaks: one is a 20 minute in the morning, to "give the students a break" and the other is the Lunch break, whereby students only have 40 minutes for lunch. 

Talking about these breaks, fair enough we have a "break" but that is just a poor excuse for students to do their homework, and chat, but do they really have enough time to chat! Most of their chatting is done DURING THE LESSON! I know because of my experiences during "lower" school, half the class is talking throughout the whole lesson, and most of the time it's NOT EVEN ABOUT THE TOPIC OF THE LESSON! Usually it's something along the lines of "Oh my god! I have nothing to wear tomorrow, you know since George is takin' me out!" or other, and when the teacher calls out to them and asks, "What are you talking about?" the same students reply, "Uh, she was just aksing me (yes AKSING not ASKING) what we're meant to be doin'" and usually this is ended with, a "well if you don't know then ask, but don't start talking again." and the teacher goes back to teaching, and the students go back to talking. Is it just me or is something wrong here? Is this situation, the same all over the world, because in my opinion, there is a lack of communication. Where once students relied on the teacher, and wasn't afraid to answer or ask a question, now this situation is completely extinct. 

Next is "Lunch break" where students have a longer time to talk, and socialize as well as eat. This break, in my school is only 40 minutes.

Yes 40 short minutes. Isn't it scientifically proven, before doing some sort of activity, the food must digest for one full hour? Of course this is referred to the physical activity, but still, there should be a longer time. I can vouch for this reason because my school does what's known as a "Consortium", whereby students from other schools come to my school to study a subject that they chose to learn here, and vice-versa, and all those unlucky students who have had a lesson, need to travel from their school to ours, and well, it isn't a very short journey. For them the lunch is about 20 minutes long. That isn't enough to buy food, eat it, and then wait for England's public transport to arrive and take them to the lesson. Not to mention, that they have to sign in before arriving to the lesson, making them about 30 to 45 minutes late to the lesson. Something really is wrong here.

Now back to the original situation at hand, the unnecessary trek to school for a whole free day to study. While the principle of this is very simple and straightforward, I'm afraid the workings of it is much complex. You see, there are some of us that may prefer those conditions, and if that works for them, then they can do this whole system for the rest of the year. However there are some of us who wish to study in the comfort of our own homes, and in a more comfortable environment. Imagine having to sit down on a plastic chair at a desk, which isn't big enough to hold all the necessary books and equipment you may need to study, and having to sit there for two hours max, have a break then another hour, then lunch, and then another two hours before you can go home. Now you see how this can make you go mad, or exhausted, if you've had to wake up at 6am, to get to school at 8.40am. Yes I have to get up two and a half hours early because of the fact that I live at least half an hour away from my school by car - by bus it's probably 1 hour or an hour and a half. 

Anyway, this scheme just wouldn't work. Although the idea is simple and should work, it is naive and screams "PARANOIA" (due to the rapid fall in grades over the past years). If they want to be known as a better institute, they shouldn't complain that the students are the ones at fault, because we do the work, and we do revise when it comes down to it, but they should get BETTER TEACHING STAFF, or change the curriculum for the subjects they are teaching, because frankly, they aren't the best: they are too hard, and whilst these syllabuses may be good for some high-achieving schools, it isn't good for this one. It may be a high-achieving school, but the students that arrive on their doorstep for an education, aren't cut out for this type of learning.

Therefore I leave you with this rant, to interpret it what you will. In the meantime I will return to studying the subject that I was studying today, since my exam is in January, and frankly I feel very behind, and unprepared, so I leave you with this question..."How many legs does an octopus have?" (John Lloyd and John Mitchinson - QI: The discreetly plumper second book of general ignorance)