Wednesday, 27 February 2013

An Inconvenient Holiday

Right, so you know the feeling when you're just lazing about, happy and content, then someone decides to say something that is highly inconvenient to you, and you know it's only due to lack of memory? Well that's me at the moment...

There I was sitting on the couch, full from eating, and content to watch Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadow (which is an awesome movie by the way), while conversing with my family, and my sister pulls out a booklet of travel places she would like to go to. Suddenly my mother blurts out something that widens my eyes:

"Oh we're going to Spain"

"When?!" I ask, hoping it's in the summer where I have the most time off...

"October!" She says with glee, expecting me to share in it.

I just gaze straight ahead, thinking about it. You may be thinking what's the matter with October, spooks and thrills, so exciting...well I'll tell you now that it is an inconvenient time for me because I WILL BE STARTING MY UNIVERSITY COURSE IN SEPTEMBER!!!!! And university schedules in London are not the same as school schedules, here.

In school you are expected to be in school from the beginning of September to the end of July, with a few holidays interspersed, to spread out the terms. In each term you have a half term which splits the terms again into two....

You might have guessed, that one of them is in October. Correct. The last week of October to be exact. And yes you are granted that this coincides with the holiday...oh but you are not yet close to my ire...

In university you have nothing of the have semester whereby there are only two...get my drift? All I really have is two holidays (if they don't give me Easter...) that would be Christmas and the very long and very needed Summer holiday.

Guess what? NO HALF TERMS IN THE MIDDLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is what brings my ire...

My parents have planned a holiday with only my old school's schedule in mind, not a university schedule...

So I'm stuck all alone at home while they have fun in the sun in Spain!!!!!!! Where I would gladly help with the language since I'm studying it right now,and to a very full and intellectual extent.

Now you may all be saying "well what's wrong with that? You get the whole house to yourself and you don't have anyone telling you what to do, you can easily have a party!"

Oh yeah don't get me wrong, I will finally learn some sense of independence, but it's the fact that this was planned without me in mind...

Hang on, I will explain...

What I mean is that they both clearly know I'm going to university and that their schedule is different from regular school. Yet they so willing chose to book a holiday without this in mind, clearly forgetting! This leads me to suspect that THEY EXPECT ME TO STILL BE IN A HIGH SCHOOL REGIME!!!!!! They don't take into account at all that I will be in university, they don't even remember that what I've been so labouring for, for the past two years has been for university! This is what ticks me off! They clearly forgot me! Now they amend this problem by saying that I get to learn independence...FOR ONE BLEEDING WEEK!!! I have longed for, and craved for the independence that many of my classmates will get this coming year, and I have been begging them for the past two years to let me go into accommodation, to learn this but they adamantly refuse...NOW THEY SAY THAT I'LL GET THE CHANCE!!!!!! FOR ONE WEEK!!!! THAT'S NOT ENOUGH TIME, THAT'S NOT NEARLY ENOUGH TIME!!!! Whilst I'll be learning all this at the end of October, everyone has already started at the beginning of the year!

This is what ticks me off! The fact that they are now contradicting their reasons, for me to not go into accommodation and to not learn independence for myself, is the very thing that ticks me off!!!

Oh this has happened before, but only verbally, I would ask my mother something and she would deny it, in fact deny my right for asking again, because "her word is the final word" (similar to what my father would do too). Then weeks or even months later, she would suggest the VERY THING I SUGGESTED TO HER NOT THAT LONG AGO!!!!!!!

Well anyway, I will leave it there, and say I'm sorry myself, since I didn't get to post up the answer to the riddle I posted two weeks ago and I have my reasons:

For the first week I was so busy with coursework and my biology case study not to mention my homework, that I didn't have time to go on my blog and post it.

And in the second week I was in Wales, actually in a resort that didn't have any Wi-Fi connections in their lodgings, but in their reception area, plus I was walking about all day everyday so I didn't have time either.

So I'm really sorry for that. And this week has been hectic because I'm still trying to get off Holiday mode and into full studying mode, so I'll post up the answer and the next riddle next week...

Oh and you may find now that my steam has now blown away, that's because I'm taking into great satisfaction that my parents are concerning themselves with our broken toilet flush, which I forgot to tell them when I got out of the shower, too busy singing my way through Eponine's pieces in Les Miserables. A minor revenge to their accident aimed at you know an accident for an accident.

I know it's petty and selfish, but just once I'd like to be. So it's goodnight from me for now.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Riddle 5 - What is it We Fear?

So you know the routine now,
Here's the riddle for last week:

We do not exactly know what it is,
We say it is, but not what is thought,
It is different for another when it is true for one,
They are never the same, yet it is one,
It cannot be described, nor shown,
No matter how others try.
It cannot be true, as it can be altered,
It cannot lie, as it tells the truth.

Did you get it?
The answer was:


So the reason for this one? Well I was listening to the soundtrack for Inception one day, and it just came to me. I then contemplated what "Reality" was. For every person it is different: it can be good, it can be bad, but it's still just perception. Reality for everyone is a perception, that we cannot avoid. It is a truth, since it tells the truth, but we see it in different ways. So what is your reality?

Ok! Next riddle!

It is a salvation, and a damnation,
It is what we fear, but not cannot avoid.
It is a darkness and a light,
But it will never go away.
It creates grief and life,
We cannot escape it, 
Yet we can choose how to face it,
Some face it with heads held high,
Some don't want to at all.

What do you think?

Again answers can be posted as a comment so please...COMMENT!!!! 

That is all!

By the way, this picture has no reference to the answer, I put it up, because it reflects the thought of life, how magnificent and mysterious it is, we don't really think at all, and just take it for granted. AGAIN THE PICTURE IS NOT MINE!!! I just used it for inspiration, click on the picture to see who actually made it.